What is the official language?

English is the official language for all Brainlab Academy courses.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is smart casual.

Will lunch be served?

At our award-winning Brainlab restaurant, market-fresh produce is delivered daily for delicious dishes and is prepared in the front-cooking kitchen. This will be available for all those taking part in the classroom training.

Where can I find a hotel in Munich?

For more information, please click here.

What is a Digital/ Virtual academy?

A series of short daily hands-on sessions where we focus on one major Elements group every week with increasing complexity every day. Contouring session, basic dose planning session, advanced planning and expert planning will be addressed.

How do I connect to the digital training?

After the approval of you registration, you will be invited to connect to RemotePC.

RemotePC will allow you to access and manage a workstation in the Brainlab Academy Training Lab.

The installation should be easy and quick.

When will the classroom training be offered again?

The plan of activities will be reviewed weekly and adapted according to the health situation.

How can I get to Brainlab HQ from the Airport?

Brainlab offers personal shuttle services directly to our headquarters for Brainlab Academy. For more information click here.
It is also possible to take a taxi which takes around 25 minutes or public transportation.

Will there be WiFi?

Brainlab will provide Wi-FI for your devices throughout the training sessions at the meeting venue.

Wifi: Brainlabacademy

SSID: BL-Academy
PWD: #BrainlabAcademy!

What is the weather like in Munich?

For an up-to-date weather forecast for Munich click here.

What is there to do in Munich?

For more information on things to do in Munich click here.